PubCrawl 2005
A Tribute to the Oscars

PubCrawl Oscars

The PubCrawl Oscar Committee (PCOC) proudly presents
the 10th Anniversary


Saturday, September 10th

This 10th Anniversary PubCrawl, "A Tribute to the Oscars", will be special indeed. We invite all Crawlers, champions and virgins alike, to dress either black tie, or as your favourite actor or character. Do you feel like Russell Crow and want to throw phones? Dress the part! Are you secretly Tom Cruise? Come jump on Oprah's couch! Are you the Million Dollar Baby? Let's see those abs!

Oscars will be awarded at the first eight locations. (The PCOC will be too loaded to make awards at the final two extablishments.)

Join us starting at 4 p.m. at Lion on the Beach (1958 Queen Street East) as we begin the 10th Annual Pub Crawl.

See you Saturday!

Pub Address Crawl in Crawl out Oscar Category
Lion on the Beach 1958 Queen Street East 4:00pm 4:30pm Lifetime Achievement
Murphy's Law 1702 Queen Street East 4:50pm 5:30pm Best Soundtrack
Mavericks 804 Danforth Ave 6:00pm 6:30pm Memorable Moment
Silver City 780 Danforth Ave 6:35pm 7:25pm Best Swag
Rails and Ales 752 Danforth Ave 7:30pm 8:10pm Best Drama
Gabby's* 729 Danforth Ave 8:15pm 9:30pm Best Comedy
Wild Wings 630 Danforth Ave 9:35pm 10:05pm Best Supporting Bra
Fox & Fiddle ** 535 Danforth Ave 10:10pm 11:15pm Best Virgin
Brass Taps 493 Danforth Ave 11:20pm 12:00am
Terri O's 185 Danforth Ave 12:10am ?
  * Oscar eats here. You should too!
  ** 1/2 price nachos and FREE SHOOTERS for the first 40 people to say "We're with the PubCrawl!"

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