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PubCrawl Olympics

Pub Crawl 2004

Saturday, September 18th

Medals will be awarded in various event categories and everyone is eligible and encouraged to participate!

A special category, "Best Original Olympic Shirt" (BOOSe) will be judged at the Fox & Fiddle. Create your own, original, Canadian Olympic-themed shirt and sport it proudly! Medals will be awarded for best shirt on a Virgin Crawler and best shirt on a Veteran Crawler.

Join us starting at 6 p.m. at Mavericks (804 Danforth Ave) as we begin the 9th Annual Pub Crawl.

See you Saturday!

Pub Address Crawl in Crawl out Medal Event
Mavericks 804 Danforth Ave 6:00pm 6:30pm PCOC
Silver City 780 Danforth Ave 6:35pm 7:25pm Breasts
Rails and Ales * 752 Danforth Ave 7:30pm 8:30pm Distance
Wild Wings 630 Danforth Ave 8:35pm 9:05pm Patriotism
Fox & Fiddle ** 535 Danforth Ave 9:10pm 10:45pm BOOSe
Brass Taps 493 Danforth Ave 10:50pm 11:30pm Dedication
Terri O's 185 Danforth Ave 11:35pm 12:35pm Support
Stanley's 129 Danforth Ave 12:45am   Consumption
  * shoot pool for only $10/hr!
  ** $25 LARGE pitchers of domestic and 1/2 price nachos if you say "We're with the PubCrawl!"

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